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Original Dresden Christmas Bread ® – Online Shop

Order Original Dresden Christmas Bread online

Discover the tasteful world of dresden's christmas bread and order Original Dresden Christstollen online. Hand-made and fitted with the quality seal of the "Stollenverband", each pastry of our bakery is a masterpiece of exquisite taste.

The Original Dresdner Christstollen is the most well-known traditional Christmas pastry, in Germany and beyond national borders, with the largest traditional background and a long-standing history. In Dresden the term "Stollen" was mentioned first in the year 1474 on an invoice to the court at Dresden. From time immemorial the form of the Christstollen has not changed and still reminds one of the wrapped Christkind, which also explains the white powdered sugar. Selected ingredients and a family recipe, that was handed down since generations, make the Dresdner Stollen to what it is today: a masterpiece of the baking art.




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The story of the “Dresdner Christstollen”

The original Dresdner Christstollen is the most famous Christmas baking with the biggest traditional background and wide spread history in Germany.

The baking tradition for hundreds of years

The name “Christstollen” was used in 1474 for the first time on a bill to the Dresden court. At that time the cake was usually called “Striezel”. That is also why the oldest German Christmas Market was named the Dresden “Striezelmarkt”. The “Christstollen” became very famous and it didn’t take long until it was eaten every year for Christmas. Even the sovereign electoral got a five-foot-long Stollen from the Saxonian bakers as a Christmas present every year... more of the stollens history

Manufactoring of our Original “Dresdner Christstollen”

Handmade christmas bread after historical recipes

A high degree of experience, coordination and dexterity is needed for the entire manufacturing process of the “Dresdner Christstollen” from the use of ingredients to the perfect baking time and the following storage process.

At the beginning, selected high quality ingredients and a secret spice blend are mixed into dough. Thereafter, they are sufficiently kneaded with a kneading machine or by hand, because the well balanced distribution of the ingredients is very important... read more

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