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Story of the Stollen

The original Dresdner Christstollen is the most famous Christmas baking with the biggest traditional background and wide spread history in Germany.

The baking tradition for hundreds of years

The name “Christstollen” was used in 1474 for the first time on a bill to the Dresden court. At that time the cake was usually called “Striezel”. That is also why the oldest German Christmas Market was named the Dresden “Striezelmarkt”. The “Christstollen” became very famous and it didn’t take long until it was eaten every year for Christmas. Even the sovereign electoral got a five-foot-long Stollen from the Saxonian bakers as a Christmas present every year.

Every Year a Giant Stollen

Around 1730 August the Strong ordered the first Giant Stollen. With around 1.8 tons, the colossal Striezel could fill up to 24000 plates. This Giant Stollen tradition does last even until today. It is presented at the traditional Stollen Festival every year the day before the Second Advent.

The Quality Seal Guarantees the Highest Quality Standards

The unique shape of the Stollen has not been changed yet and still reminds us of the wrapped Christ child. Selected ingredients and a traditional family recipe over many generations are still presenting the “Dresdner Christstollen” and award the uniqueness: They are making the Christstollen a masterpiece also nowadays. With utmost care, hand made and assigned with the quality seal for extremely high quality, the original Dresdner Stollen acquired the "Stollen-Oscar", and also the confidence of the clientele.