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Payment Methods offers you the ability to choose from the following payment options:

Payment in Advance

We ask you to transfer the invoice amount within 10 days to our account.
For remittance from abroad please use the SEPA Credit Transfer.  It allows you a toll-free payment of your order.
At normal international transfer, the charges must be paid by the buyer.

Account holder
KSI International GmbH
Account number 515634405
Sort code 87070024
Bank name
Deutsche Bank Dresden

For international transfers please use also following data:

IBAN DE89870700240515634405


Payment via PayPal

PayPal Logo

With PayPal, you can pay quickly and securely.

a. Select PayPal in the checkout process.
b. Log in to your PayPal account or sign up directly with PayPal.
c. Check the payment details and confirm the amount.
d. Your payment is completed with a few clicks.

No matter where you use PayPal, your bank or credit card information is always stored securely at PayPal. They are not sent to the seller. Paying with PayPal is always free of charge for you.

Credit Card

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.Your credit card information is not stored by us, but only sent to a payment service provider (PAYONE) for verification.

Online Bank Transfer

For german customers only: we accept the payment methods giropay and Sofortü

Direct Debit

For german customers onyl: we debit the money from your bank account.


For german customers only: you will pay after receiving the shipment containing the invoice.