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Dresdner Espresso "Premium", ganze Kaffee-Bohnen

Dresdner Kaffee "Premium" als ganze Bohnen

Dresdner Espresso "Premium", Espresso made of whole coffee beans, 250g, roasted in a drum roasting procedure, packaged in a flavoured bag.

Dresdner Espresso "Premium", noble coffee mixed from whole coffee beans, 250g, 80% Arabica / 20% Robusta. This Dresdner Espresso is made by a classical italian coffee roasting procedure. The Espresso-mix simulate a coffee creme, but is imported from a province in Latin America. To guarantee this high quality of the Espresso, is this coffee roasted in small charges in a drum roasting procedure. Just a sparing and slow roasting procedure guarantees that the different coffee flavoures and its different taste can be well developed.
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SKU kr-es-250
Weight ca. 0.27 kg
Packaging Plastic Foil
Packaging dimensions 25 x 5,5 x 10 cm
Delivery Time (days) 2–3 Werktage

SKU : kr-es-250

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Price per kilo: €34.80/kg

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